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Kinesiology Tape for Pregnancy?  Who would have thought!
Kinesiology taping during pregnancy is a great alternative to belts, bands and braces when applied directly to the belly. It can help alleviate low back or SI joint pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction, lower abdominal discomfort, front belly pain, shortness of breath by helping support the diaphragm, pressure on the bladder/pelvic floor and heaviness of the belly.
Add this to your next massage just by asking your therapist!
Also used in many sports related massages too.

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We pride ourselves in providing massage that caters to our clients.  Unlike other "Hands" off approach to provide what is right for clients, we work to be the best.  So, don't be green with "Envy" scheduling a cookie cutter massage from someone you don't know.  Schedule with us in a relaxing spa environment away from the strip mall crowds.


Enjoy your romantic Couples Massage or have a girls day out with family or friends in this new Mineral Room.  Esthetic services are performed here.  Add a scrub and relax in our new pedicure massage chair or how about reflexology.