Relax and enjoy a 50 minute Body Scrub and 50 minute Swedish massage for total body relief.
First we start with the 50 minute Body Scrub to remove the first layer of dead skin, leaving a healthy silky soft layer in its place.  Your arms, hands, legs, feet and back are gently rubbed with one of several sugar scrubs to choose from, and then gently warmed towels are used to remove the scented scrubs from your body. 
Immediately following the Body Scrub treatment, we transition into the massage, where our natural massage cream is carefully blended with an essential oil to match the scent of your choice.
Sugar Scrubs available: Mango, Coconut Lime, Cranberry, Champagne & Rose, and Chocolate
Brown Sugar Scrub available: French Vanilla Latte
Body Scrub & Massage 1 hour 50 minutes